Elektro sport car conversion

The Bolt

We have converted a luxury sport car Mazda RX8 to electric power to prove that an electric car with good performance is technically possible to make.  If big car producers do not have one in production it is not because such a technology would not exist, but simply because they either do not want to make it or have other reasons that prevent them to start mass production of EV's.

Bolt is now well on the road (70.000 electric km by March 2015) and drives as any other car. It is also a part of "Solar mobility" and V2G projects. Solar mobility means to be charged by electricity produced by photovoltaics on our roof. V2G or "vehicle to grid" technology means that it is already equipped with inverter that can give electricity back to the grid during peak electricity consumption and charge during the night.

Bolt after "facelift" on May 2013

Technical features


Presentation of Bolt and Seaway hybrid boat Greenline 33 at Portotroz 21.9.2009

June/July 2013 - Bolt joined WAVE trophy and took second place. Nominal voltage raised to 224 Volts

24.3.2012 - Bolt joined Rallye Monte Carlo des energies nouvelles

12.5.2011 Bolt after it gets a new more powerfull MES DEA TIM 600 controller and bigger motor.  At same speed as before energy consumption is now lower while top speed now exceeds 170 km/h

April 2011 - setting up the new bigger motor and gearbox at Oprema Ravne workshop

2010 - Bolt made almost 15.000 km during this year getting its energy from photovoltaics on our roof. We have also installed V2G inverter to show the people that it is possible to send energy back to the grid when it is needed by grid operator. We also installed 4 additional cells that raised the nominal voltage to 205V and an additional 3 kW charger that allows us to fully charge in 6 hours where 3 phase plug is available. It got a plug connected directlly to the battery, so it became aa big power source for different 230V machines.

7.11.2009 Electric water heating for witer installed and connected to the car's original water heater and computerized temperature control unit

8.9.2009 The car is finished and did its first km on pure electric power

8.9. Test drive - not completed yet, but able to drive electric

7.9. Setting up the electronics

4.9.2009 almost finished... The batteries, motor and regulator are installed, some work is still needed to fix the details

29.8.2009 rear battery pack installed and connected

The 40 kW STOJA motor on its place

Thinking and thinking... how to fix the adapter plate on the gearbox

The remains were a pile of fossil fuel parts with a weight over 100 kg - without the engine and cooling system

Taking out the Wankel engine

The car has been bought - may 2009. First we had to "make peace" with the car ECU units - some work with TEXA diagnostic equipment was essential