In mid 2003 I lost my breath and was diagnosed Alpha 1 deficiency. Since autmn 2004 I was receiving augmentation therapy and since then my condition has been stable, but lung functions slowly decreasing. I climbed till summer 2015, since then lungs could no longer provide me enough oxigen even to walk to the toilette, so the 2 years till September 2017 have been tough

On 22nd of September 2017 I had lungs transplantation performed at AKH Wien. I have to thank the team at AKH Wien and Pulmology dep at UKC Ljubljana to give me the chance for my "second life"
On 9th of November I was released from UKC Ljubljana and got home, still very weak, but breathing much better. Since then I have been training every day to catch my previous shape as soon as possible

My story - short movie about my Alpha 1 deficiency

36 hours after lungs transplantation

My lungs transplantation movie from the hospital

I started training at our home gym 2 weeks after I have been released from hospital

First ice climbing 15 months after lungs transplantation

History of my "Quest for Alpha 1"

Since 2005 I have been receiving augmentation therapy from company Kamada
This medicine helped me to maintain the quality of life till 2015

Sometimes we performed IV at very wierd places, like this one at base camp in Tajikistan mountains in 2005

In 2010 I attended a conference about Alpha 1 deficiency in Orlando, Florida