In mid 2003 I lost my breath and was diagnosed Alpha 1 deficiency. Since autmn 2004 I am receiving augmentation therapy and since then my condition has been stable, but lung functions slowly decreasing. I climbed till summer 2015, now lungs can no longer provide me enough oxigen.

My story

Every week I receive IV of Kamada's medicine that helps me live

Sometimes we make IV on very odd places like this base camp in Tajikistan at 2700m

Attending Alpha 1 conference in Orlando Florida where my efforts to fight the disease have been presented

I have to thank Kamada's medicine that I can still climb

Three things you should do if you suffer Alpha 1 defficiency:

1. Augmentation therapy

2. Excersise

3. Proper nutrition / keep your body mass index from 18,5-24,9