Icefalls in Jezersko

Jezersko (Seeberg) is located near the borderpass Slovenija/Austria. A useful link is here: 

Icefalls around there are:
Sinji fall (Wi 4-, 150m)
Viki's candle (Wi 5, 150m)
Lower Ledine fall (Wi 6-,150m)
Upper Ledine fall (Wi 5, 50m)

Viki's candle at Jezersko (Wi5, 150m). How to get there:drive to Zg.Jezersko (at SLO-Austrian border Jezerski vrh or Seeberg pass), there leave the main road towards east (paved road) to Plansarsko jezero. From the lake follow the icy road to direction Ledine, Cesna koca (Czech hut). Drive as far as you can and park at the freight cable car station. From there you can see on the right side Viki's candle more on the left and easier Sinji fall (Wi 4-) right to it. Descent for both falls is to the left and down (do not go down too early!) or to the right to the hut and following the path to the valley (danger for avalanches when there is lots of snow). Sinji fall has bolted belays.