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Helba route- Triglay north face, 29.7.2005

If one looks for a nice rute with good rock in Triglav wall - Helba is the right choice. It has been climbed in 70' by a team of climbers from Trzic and at that time it was one of the most difficult routes in Triglav wall. Years passed and what used to be the hardest route became a classic route. Of course it is still not easy as difficulties never go below UIAA V and reach up to UIAA VI+ when using technical climbing above the traverse or UIAA VII+ when climbing free. Except the pitch above the traverse which is equipped with very old kind of bolts (iron pitons in drilled holes with some wood to hold it in) it is equipped by traditional rock pitons, but some friends of medium sizes (3-6 cm) could be usefull. The route is connected to Skalaska route after 300 m of vertical climbing and there it is possible either to descend via Skalaska route or to continue over the whole wall another 700m (easy route UIAA III-IV except 2 pitches of V-V+).

Last meters before the traverse starts

The traverse...

Looking up - maybe for the better future...

One more look in the better future...

Jasna leading the last pitch

Sore fingers - sport climbers say it is the correct way to wear too small climbing shoes

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The End