I would write hundreds of pages about ecology, about purpose of our lifes, about the the world our children are going to inherit if we keep on doing as we do, but.... it's useless! People smarter then me have already written and proved everything what could be done, but only few listen. All others are blind and follow the herd to the road to ruin. Imagine, on the average every man on Earth burns equivalent of 2 tons of coal per year (to heat, drive, cool, cook and make products) and in our Slovenija about 5 tons. Most of this is taken from mineral oil and gas and will definitly keep on changing the climate. So, I just do what I have to do to sleep with an easy conscience and here are some results of this work: 

Our "solar house" a decade ago

and in 2016 (below) - click the picture for the movie!

Our project of PHEV (plug in hybrid electric vehicle) E-espace in year 2007

Sustainable energy cycle - the future decentralized energy system

Some facts about the alternative energy resources - will biodiesel, hydrogen, photovoltaics, tide and wind save our way of life?

We have converted a whole fleet of cars to electric propulsion with range up to 700 km

World energy consumption in statistics