There are no limits besides the ones given by nature!

April 2022:

April 2021

8th of February - competing at speed ice climbing event "Humar memorial", 2nd place

January 2017: ICE IS NICE!

December 2016: Movie of our new PV system integrated in "Sustainable energy cycle"

Climate changes do exist: picture was taken at Julian Alps at 2000 meters on 13th of December!

On November 19th I bacame a fellow of The World Technology Network and had a speech at World Technology Summit:

We have sucessfully established sustainable integrated grid connecting PV power plant, our electric cars (Metron 7 by electric range extenders and Piki directly) and technical center of Metron Institute. The sustainable future is becoming reality

Picture below shows smaller version with output 4 kW that was developed for VW e- golf.

Winning WAVE 2015 and setting a new record of 826 km per single charge!

Climbing in South Korea with friends (13.4.2015)

Our last challenge: 736 km & 5000 meters of uphills on single charge

WAVE 2014

Last stop at WAVE 2014 in Switzerland at the foot of Mt.Rigi with our new electric car Metron 7

Ice is hard - fresh scratches when a piece of ice hit my head (Dec.2013)

Driving World Advanced Vehicle Expedition through the Alpine countries

24th March 2013 - 1st place in category consumption and first place in category electric vehicles at 14th Rallye Monte carlo des energies nouvelles

18.1.2012 - Gangehon Gugok icefall in Korea

Korean ice and arctic cold - January 2011

Converted electric SMART

This one was really big! Korea, February 2010

September 2009 - electric car Bolt has been finished

New ice season started well - this year it seems we will have a kind of real winter for at least some time

Dolomiti July 2008

Plug in Hybrid electric vehicle E Espace...