R5 Elektro

Our R5 Elektro has been built as one of two prototypes by a group of enthusiasts led by Miro Zoric. This is the only Slovenian car that has ever been shown at Geneve motor show! After Renault refused the project the car has been used by Zoric family and in 2005 when the lead acid batteries died, it has not been on the road any more. By the help of vando Arsov we have completelly rebuilt it in 2008 and installed LiPo batteries in april 2009. Now it is a fully functional little car with astoinishing performances. Top speed is 135 km/h, range is 150 - 180 km and average measured power consumtion 135 Wh/km - measured at socket with charger losses included

Data of R5 elektro

R5 elektro as it was till spring 2008

Rebuilding of R5 summer 2008 - everything has been changed, Webasto heating and PV modules installed

Almost finished---

Battery boxes made on the bottom of the car

40 kW three phase asynchron motor ( Stoja d.o.o. product) used in E Espace

The car finished in october 2008 and given to Jasna as birthday present

25.4.2009 LiPo batteries from E Espace installed in R5 elektro - from this date on it has become a real car as the range increased to 350 km! End of August we installed smaller LiPo batteries as the big ones have become part of The Bolt car