This year we went to Tajikistan in Central Asia to see the culture there and to climb a route or two in Fan mountains. This country (a part of the former Soviet union)  is a very interesting place to see and the people there are so friendly that it is sometimes hard to believe. There are no tourists there as the country has no tourist facilities though there are many interested places to see. They did suffer a lot during the civil war and their life is now much harder then it was during the times of Soviet Union when Tajikistan was like a Soviet "Switzerland". We decided to go there with our two American friends Errol and Terry and to visit the mountains that used to be a training ground for Soviet alpinists 15 and more years ago. Now the "Alplagers" (climbing camps) are mostly abandoned or ruined, but the mountains are still and the only sign of activity years ago are rosted tins in the lakes where thay camped.

First view of Tajik mountains from the plane

Our first attempt to cross Anzob pass (3300m) ended at this point when the van's engine blew all the water out...

Next day we visited Hissar - an ancient fort where Mudjahids fought their last battle against the Red army in 1924

Second time we managed to cross the Anzob pass. It is the only road that connects the south and the north of the country and is closed more then 6 months each year...

Their restaurants have some advantages - besides good prices and friendly people there is also a special pleasant way to enjoy the meal

The biggest of the Alaudin lakes above our base camp at 2850m

We were stuffed like sardines in this 2 person tent at 3700m where we slept to start climbing as early as possible

Climbing peak Alaudin next day...

Morning climb started here (we left the original SW coluoir after the overhang above and 

climbed straight up over rock, snow and some ice

Jasna happy at the top of Alaudin 4237m

The last ridge of Chandara where we climbed some rock. The conditions higher up were terrible - lots of fresh snow and many avalanches

Infusion of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin by Kamada Ltd for Jasna before we did more climbing

The route we climbed to this little peak 3200m high



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